Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Day of School!

I'm happy to say that we had our first day of school today, and it went really well! I am so lucky to have such a neat group of kids!

This is the activity we did for circle time:

This activity was based on the book "Oh My Baby Little One" by Kathy Appelt (A wonderful book for the first day of school).

On the bulletin board I had written a line from the book that said "This love will always be with you" and placed cut out hearts all around the classroom with excerpts from the book written on them for the children to find. After we read the book, I helped the children search the classroom for the hearts. As each heart was found, I read the words on it to the children, and placed it on the bulletin board. This made for a really sweet display once all the hearts were assembled around the quote on the board.

Although I think this is a cute first day activity, the children were (as I expected) too excited with all the new toys to really get into it. Not to mention, being a class of 2 -year-olds, it was their first such experience. I think it was a fun first activity for them, but an older class would probably really get into it.


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