Monday, January 31, 2011

Hibernation Day

This is just a bit of a spin off of pajama day.

It was really simple. I set up a couple tents, some stuffed animals, and some pillows; and the kids came to school dressed in their PJ's, with their favorite stuffed animal, and maybe a pillow or blanket.

We talked a lot, and read a ton of books, about hibernation. My favorite is Bear Snores On. I love books that rhyme, and that one is masterfully done. We also read: Time to Sleep; Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep, and we looked at books like Animals that Hibernate and Animals in Winter.

We also watched a live video of hibernating bears online. The video was from the North American Bear Center. It wasn't exactly a thrill a minute (it's a pretty dark picture), but when you did get a glimpse of the bears it was neat, and I think it help to solidify the idea of bears hibernating.

Unfortunately my T/TH class got the raw end of the deal on this. The bears hardly budged the entire class. All they could see was a big brown mass. The MWF class got a number of great views of the bears though so I think the other guys were just unlucky. I'll try to put it on for them again sometime.

Anyway, It was a lot of fun. I will definitely do it again next year. :)


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