Friday, January 21, 2011

Pasta Snowflakes

Like many of my projects, I adapted this idea from one I got online. It is quite simple actually... You give the children pasta wheels, and have them glue them together with regular school glue, give it a day or two to dry, then paint it with white paint and silver glitter. Once they're dry, you can tie a string on one end to make them into ornaments. (I didn't do this since it was past x-mas time when we did it).

(These really weren't this shinny... it's just my flash.)

They turned out cute, but here are a few tips for anyone wanting to try this:
  1. Do this on wax paper. You don't want to have to pick them up until they are dry, and once dry they will just stick to anything else.
  2. School glue really does work, but try to make sure the children glue them in a bunch, not a line. I had some that did really neat designs pasting the wheels end to end, but they fell apart when I tried to remove them from the wax paper. An idea may be to draw little circles on the wax paper and ask the children to fill them in. I didn't do that.. it's just a thought.
  3. I used the small pasta wheels because I thought it would be a good fine motor activity for them. It was, but I do think they would have looked much grander if we had used the larger ones. I also think they probably would have been easier to paint.

All in all... it was a cute 2 day project the kids really enjoyed.


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